Transportation of combines and other agricultural machinery

We transport all types of agricultural machinery such as combine harvesters and self-propelled machinery including various adapters, beet harvesters, tractors, wheel loaders, bulk trucks and slurry, mowers and soil preparation machines, lifts, towing machines and other agricultural equipment.

Thanks to modern transport equipment and many years of experience we are able to transport oversized, tall and heavy machines throughout the EU so that loading and unloading is as easy as possible.

We also have tarpaulin trailers, which are suitable for transporting machines in bad weather, in the winter months, or transporting equipment to exhibitions.

Modern technology and a large volume of transports in this segment allows us to find the optimal solution for you at a reasonable price.


If you are interested in transporting agricultural machinery, but also other equipment, please contact us:



Jan Saidl 

+420 775 189 064

Lenka Pavlíčková

+420 776 654 233


Jaromír Hynčica

+420 602 391 921



  • hydraulické systémy na tahače, nákladní a užitková vozidla
  • kompresory, čerpadla a nádrže včetně jejich montáže a servisu
  • speciální montáže